Roger believes in Prescott Valley.

PV is a beautiful place with and amazing community. We need guidance and wise leadership
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What I stand for
Roger is focused on business attraction, job creation, preserving water resources and safeguarding the town of Prescott Valley quality of life.
The Candidate

About Roger

Roger wants to see business and job creation in Prescott Valley and it has to be done smartly. Roger wants to do it in a way that honors and protects our community and also continues the vibrancy of our community through smart growth and economic development.

Roger needs to keep our quality of life to help continue the growth of Prescott Valley for our children and grandchildren.

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The Issues

How I will protect our legacy

I want what many of the residents want: opportunity that doesn't come at the expense of quality of life; a town that can maintain the character and charm that we all love; and continued opportunity for the next generation.

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